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Hello everyone my name is Daniele and I live in Garfagnana , the high valley of Serchio River in the province of Lucca . This area is bounded by the giant of the Apuan Alps and Tuscan-Emilian Apennines , the presence of these mountains influenced my choices in life, so i became an kiking guide.
Every hike, from the easist to the hardest, allow us to improve the knowledge about nature and culture. The fusion from that things had made a new entity: the terrritory. That is what i'm looking for when i'm hiking; talking about the soul of a places.
So when i walk i can transform the movement into a creative mode of space interpretation.

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crinale san pellegrino

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    Alpe di San Pellegrino

    Escursione ad anello sul crinale dell'Alpe di San Pellegrino, luogo in cui pellegrini, romani, briganti e santi hanno fatto da padroni nel corso dei secoli e che ancora oggi ci regala panorami unici.