Voices of Rome

By Barbara C.



Few hours to get lost in history.

Starting from the Aventine Hill, the hill of the people and its struggles, continuing toward the Valle Murcia, Foro Boario, the Velabro, where we can enjoy the view and maybe a drink.

Then up to the Capitol, the fortress of power from the beginning, to close the route in Piazza Venezia.

Every street hide wonderful views. Each stone will tell us about ages and centuries.

And the words of the main characters will help us to recreate the streets as they were. We will clearly perceive that history is nothing abstract. It’s made of stories, ideas, thoughts, words and actions of real people who have walked, built, spoke, murdered, planned, cried, celebrates, failed or triumphed over these same streets for more than 2700 years.

(Contact the tripser for groups from 3 people for prices)

Time: 3 hours
Place: Rome
People: 6
Price: 35€ per people

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