For Tripsers

Share your passion for your territory with people who love to travel and explore. Become a Tripser!


Guide the journey of the people with whom you come into contact, showing them the hidden and incredible sides of your area. Suggest experiences, must see locations and transmit the depth of your area’s soul.

Who can be a Tripser? Everyone: students, professi onals, executives, historians, designers, lovers of fine food and wine, architects, athletes, teachers, writers and even musicians, chefs and bloggers…. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, to be a Tripser all you need is the mind of the traveller and the propensity to share the beaut ies of your place!


1. Become a real Tripser
Apply as a local of your area and join the Tripsy community. As long as you make yourself available to travellers even only during your free time!

2. Point out the experiences of your territory
Begin highlighting locations, activities and authen tic experiences of the area you live in. Become an ambassador of your territory.

3. Guide travellers and begin earning money
Contact the travellers and meet them in person. Guide them to the discovery of your area and share your passion.

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