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Alfonso C.

My name is Alfonso and I was born in Calabria in 1989. I study international marketing at Modena, but by good "Tropeano" every July I go back to my beautiful Tropea. Crucial link with my family and my land. I'am a real Tropeano... together we will see fantastic places to discover sunsets and alleys, some good food of my country.

Luigi B.

Hi! My name is Luigi and I live in Diamante (CS), a small town in the north of Calabria. My area is called “Riviera dei Cedri” which means cedar coastline. I love my place and I have usually lived here. I became interested in tourism some years ago. I followed a hotel management course, I worked for five summers in the tourist office of my hometown, and recently I obtained tour leader license. I love nature and take long walks. With me, you will discover how this area is full of history; culture and your eyes will be delighted by our beautiful landscapes. You will love our food and wine delicacies.

Cecilia F.

My name is Cecilia but you can call me Ceci (pronounced “Che-chee”). My surname is Fortuna which means luck in Italian. I studied History of Art and graduated with a thesis in History of Architecture. I write for an online newspaper about art and love sharing the beauty of my city Vicenza with as many people as possible.

Tommaso P.

Get the local Feel....! I’m Tommaso from Lecce, Puglia. Everyone's life paths could cross in a lovely way at some point. Perhaps, I belong to those visionary story tellers, who love to share awesome travel experiences that will move. I'm easy-going, food lover and wine enthusiast. After graduating in Milan, I moved to UK and then Germany, to get my PhD in Philosophy. In 2012 I co-founded Puglia Futura & Co., a start up offering innovative strategies for the enhancement of sustainable & cultural tourism in Italy's heel. I started to create original content on social media and beyond on "Experiencing Puglia", recently have been able to give a full story of that to some important innovators in NYC. Especially, in terms of the bond between travel and gastronomy, interaction with locals, and the implementation of the brand awareness for Puglia wines.

Alessandro A.

Hi! I’m Alessandro! I was born in Mantova, now I live in the northesternmostpoint of Italy: Trieste! I’m researcher (Phd student) in history of law at University of Modena but I work also in Trieste. My passions are history and wine and food culture. Both of this two elements (history and food), perfectly merge into each other in the charming location of Friuli, encircled between Austria and Slovenia.

Silvia F.

Hi! My name is Silvia and I was born in a little town in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta, the natural route to the Venice lagoon. I graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University of Padua and I've worked both in tourism and business, in meeting point between my territory and all over the world. I love travelling and "making travel". My proposals will make you experience places in their real Venetian soul, rich in history, art, shopping, fun, good food and wine, from the time of the old Venetian nobles, as a nowadays Venetian love to do.

Alice R.

I was born in Parma and I took a degree in Food&Wine Sciences. I grew up with bread, Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and red wine! It was very hard to spend all that time tasting all the culinary specialties from my country! By the way, it was very useful and now I have a special license as tourist guide and I will share this pleasure with you. My routes are planned with the aim to satisfy all your tastes!

Sabrina L.

"My Romagna, Romagna in bloom, you are the star, you're the love" sings a famous song and it's true, in our region you can find everything from the sea to the hills, from the finest food to the best quality of life. Land full of contradictions as I am, proud of my origins, but "citizen of the world”. My name is Sabrina, I lived in several cities in Italy, Germany and in Kenya for ten years. Graduated from Languages High School, I love art and I paint since I was a child. In recent years I am collecting the recorded memories of the elders in my Territory so that generation, with all the experiences before and after the Second World War, will not be forgotten. My family arrived in Predappio, Romagna hills in the province of Forlì, in the early 1930. There I came to visit my grandparents as a child. After so many trips here I feel, for the first time in my life, finally at home, I find my lost roots. Here I will wait for you asking you only to be travelers ready to sudden amazement, that to the main roads crowded, prefer places to explore with new eyes and full of curiosity.