1) What is Tripsy?

Tripsy is a community created with the intent to facilitate interactions between locals and tourists, this through sharing experiences and/or activities to do suggested by the locals, who we call Tripsers. What Tripsy is not: a travel agency!


2) Who are Tripsers?

Tripsers are those users that within Tripsy, design and suggest experiences that they then share, in person, with tourists.  They are locals who are passionate of their territory or their line of work that share an experience to promote authentically the local culture to tourists that are visiting their territory.


3) Who are the travelers?

Travelers are those users that, on the Tripsy website, can obtain information on the experiences and on the Tripsy activities and that, by registering on the website, can reserve, pay and then enjoy the experiences together with the Tripsers.


4) What do we mean by experiences?

Experiences are activities that last at least one hour and maximum one full day, suggested and operated directly by Tripsers.  Experiences may include art, culture, local traditions, food and wine, sports, nature, fun and any other activity, as long as it relates to the territory you are in, and it transmits part of the local culture.


5) What are additional services to the experiences?

Additional services are services made available by the Tripser and may include special requests made by the tourists, for example traveling via specific modes of transport or staying in locations not indicated in the experience.


6) What are customer reviews and how do they work?

Customer reviews represent an evaluation on the experience and on the Tripser. They can be made by any of the travelers that were part of the experience and they need to refer to the content of the experience, the manner in which the experience was carried out, and the time spent with the Tripser.


7) In short, how does Tripsy work?

The traveler can navigate the website without having to register. They can search through the Tripsers by Region and by Activity and then consult their page to see the listed experiences.  Before reserving, they will be able to communicate with the Tripser to obtain additional information or to make specific requests.  Once the traveler reserves, it is up to the Tripser to reach out to the traveler and schedule to meet with them.


8) What is the Tripsy blog and how does it work?

The Tripsy Blog is an area dedicated to stories from travels, traveling tips, and customer reviews of specific events or traditions within the Italian territory.  This is an integral part of the Tripsy Community, because both the Tripsers and the travelers can recount their stories on the blog.


9) What forms of payment does Tripsy accept?

Payment of experiences can be made by credit card via the PayPal platform.


10) What are the Terms and Conditions that regulate Tripsy?

The Terms and Conditions regulates the functioning of all aspects and capabilities of the Tripsy website, as well as the behavior of its users. You can find Tripsy’s Terms and Conditions in a special section of the website, which you can access easily by the following link…


11) Is Tripsy regulated by a Privacy Policy?

Yes. In order for Tripsy to be transparent towards you and protect your Privacy, we have prepared a Privacy Policy that defines how the Tripsy website gathers, utilizes and handles user information. You can find the Privacy Policy in the specific section of the website, which you can access easily by the following link….


12) There’s something that’s not quite working on the website, how can I ask for help?

You can let us know of any problems by sending us an email at info@tripsy.it






1) How can I become a Tripser and propose my experiences?

If you would like to become a Tripser, you can complete the form located in the “Become a Tripser” section, or you can contact us at info@tripsy.it , telling us a little about yourself and how you would like to contribute to our Community.  Our team will then take care of reaching out to you to further discuss how to become a part of our Community.


2) Are there any necessary requirements to become a Tripser?

We do not need to look at and analyze your Curriculum Vitae.  Therefore, there are no specific requirements, but it is fundamental that we fully understand if a user who wants to become a Tripser has really understood our mission and shares our values.  Tripsers can be both individuals that are familiar with the territory and its secrets and individuals that already work in tourism (as tour guides, ect.), and professionals in other sectors or engaged in other activities.


3) Do I need a Tax ID (or VAT Registration number) to become a Tripser?

Since we are dealing with periodic services, users who do not hold a Tax ID (or VAT) number may issue an appropriate receipt, as long as it’s within the limits provided for by the Italian law (5000 euros a year).


4) What information is on a Tripser’s page?

Within your personal page, each Tripser may add personal information and anything relevant to the suggested experience.  In your personal information make sure that the following is included: brief biography, a picture, spoken languages.  In the section having to do with the experience, please indicate for each experience: a title, description, pictures, location, max number of people permitted to participate, duration of the experience and time frame of availability.


5) Do the experiences always need to be made available?

Each experience will be associated with a calendar, which will highlight the days when the experience is available.


6) How is the relationship between Tripsy and a Tripser managed?

A partnership is created between Tripsy and a Tripser, regulated by the Tripsy Terms and Conditions, which is agreed to by the user at the time of registration.  The experience that is offered by the Tripser represents, from a taxation point of view, a periodic service as regards to Tripsy.  Subsequently, for each experience provided the Tripser will need to give a tax receipt.


7) In the event of an accident, what are the responsibilities of a Tripser?

It is the responsibility of the Tripser to guarantee that they will not suggest any dangerous activities unless they are covered under the necessary insurance. At the same time, the traveller is also responsible for choosing their activities, and thus it is their responsibility to choose an activity taking into consideration their own physical limits: the Tripser is definitely not responsibile if, for example, during a tasting of local products the traveller becomes ill for having eaten something that he/she are allergic to (they need to make sure they are aware of what they are tasting!)


8) In what way am I alerted if someone is trying to reserve one of my experiences?

The reservation will take place on the Tripsy website, which will then generate an email notification to the email provided to us by the Tripser.


9) How much time do I have to respond to a reservation request?

The Tripser has 24 hours from the reservation request to respond.


10) Can I not accept a reservation request?

Yes, since you do have 24 hours from the reservation request to confirm.  Please keep in mind, however, that since you will need to approve a calendar showing availability for each experience, it is important to reflect availability given for the sake of transparency and reliability towards users.  There are obviously exceptions: for example if you receive a reservation request for a day that has already been reserved, you can respond by offering other available dates to the travellers making such reservation requests.


11) May I reach out to a traveller to agree to a change in date or time to their reservation?

Yes, you may do so as long as you have not already sent out confirmation of said reservation.  Any modifications can be proposed and agreed to with travellers, as long as they occur on our website using the specific contact features available on our website.  Please keep in mind that if you propose a change that the traveller does not agree to, and refuses, the reservation will be cancelled.






1) How can I register on Tripsy?

Registering on Tripsy is quick and easy, as well as free. Anyone can register on our web-based platform by simply providing an email address and selecting a password, or by using their credentials used on other social networks.


2) How can I change my email or password?

Your email address or password may be changed by accessing  your personal profile on the Tripsy website.


3) I forgot my password.  How can i retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the “Forgot My Password” icon, that is seen on the log-in screen to your personal profile.  An email will be sent to the email provided at the time of registration.


4) How can I delete my profile?


5) How can I contact a Tripser to ask information on his experiences?

Contact with a Tripser can occur by using the instant messenger made available on our website, or by the forms of contact that are on the personal pages of each of their experiences.


6) Why can I not call or send an email to a Tripser?

Tripsy makes available to its users necessary instruments to safely contact Tripsers. In order for them to function, Tripsers cannot indicate telephone numbers or emails where they can be reached. If they do, then Tripsy can no longer guarantee that time-frames and procedures to reserve an experience are respected or possibly proceeding to make changes or a cancellation.


7) How can I check to see if an experience is available?

Each experience will be associated to a calendar which will highlight days when the experience is available.


8) What is the final price that I will owe?

The final price due is the exact one indicated in the information concerning the experience, with exception of specific additional services that the traveller can request.


9) Within how much time does the Tripser have to respond to my reservation request?

The Tripser has 24 hours to respond, affirmatively or negatively, to your reservation request.


10) How will I know if a Tripser has accepted my reservation request?

A confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you via email.


11) How will I know where to meet the Tripser?

Once your reservation is confirmed and you receive a notice of confirmation, you will receive an email which will indicate not only where you are to meet the Tripser, but also their email and telephone number where they can be reached for any requests or additional information.


12) When can I publish my review of an experience?

Once you have completed an experience, you will receive a notification indicating that you can leave a review on the Tripser’s page.


13) Can I modify a reservation?

Yes, as long as it is before the Tripser emails you a confirmation of the reservation.


14) Can I cancel a reservation?

The cancellation of a reservation can take place.


15) If I cancel a reservation, can I ask for a refund?

Of course, but the refund amount can vary based on how much time before the experience begins one cancels.


16) How can I pay for my reservation?

Payment can be made with a credit card or by using agencies of online payments (PayPal).


17) Why am I asked to pay in full when I make my reservation?

Payment procedures provide that the total amount due for the experience be placed on the card as a precaution and then charged 24 hours after the enjoyment of the experience.


18) Can i pay the Tripser in person?

No, all payments will be made only on our web platform via electronic payments.


19) How can i obtain a receipt of my payment?

A receipt of the payment will be given at the same time the payment is being made, by means of an electronic document that is emailed to the user when the experience is being purchased.